Basic Chinese Lessons

Basic Chinese Lessons are designed for those who want to lay a solid foundation for their Chinese learning. In this course, you will receive systematic training in listening, speaking, reading and writing. This course consists of 8 levels ranging from Icebreaker to Advanced Learner.

Learn Basic Chinese
survival mandarin

1. Icebreaker

Have little or very limited prior knowledge of Chinese language and may not be able to read Chinese alphabets or characters.

Learn pinyin, basic characters and daily expressions such as greetings, asking time, buying things, seeing doctors, etc.

survival Chinese

2. Threshold

Able to communicate with basic mandarin. You can ask and answer simple questions on very familiar topics.

Learn basic mandarin characters, vocabularies and expressions. Study on topics such as ordering food, taking planes, travelling and answering phones,etc.

basic Chinese

3. Beginner

Able to exchange ideas and information on familiar topics in daily situations but may lack certain efficiency.

Learn basic Chinese phrases and to read short essays related to daily life. Study on daily topics such as writing emails, colors, expressing opinions, etc.

general Chinese

4. Lower Intermediate

Able to understand most parts of a Chinese conversation on familiar matters and can read easy magazines and newspapers.

Continue to build on basic mandarin vocabularies and authentic expressions and study on topics such as trouble in life, changing jobs, gifts and birthday, health, etc.

basic mandarin

5. Intermediate

Able to communicate with confidence on familiar topics related to their interests and can read factual texts on familiar subjects with a satisfactory level of comprehension.

Learn important word-building methods and study on more topics such as Chinese culture, philosophy, historical sites, dreams, etc.

basic Chinese lessons

6. Upper Intermediate

Able to handle basic mandarin pronunciation and a larger use of vocabularies, but may experience some difficulty in terms of Chinese idioms.

Learn to narrate a story, describe hopes, and give detailed accounts of experiences and feelings, etc. Commonly used idioms will be covered in this level.

learn basic Chinese

7. Advanced

Able to use Chinese accurately and effectively on a wide range of topics. You can communicate spontaneously with good grammatical control, although you can be hesitant as you search words.

Learn more about China and its culture and study on more complex topics such as environmental pollution, making complaints, social problems etc.

basic language

8. Native

Have a good mastery of mandarin. Can express yourself fluently and precisely in a relatively authentic way.

Learn more authentic expressions, idioms and slangs. Learn to express opinions or arguments on hot social issues in authentic ways.

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