Business Chinese Lessons

Business Chinese lessons are designed for those who are preparing for BCT or those who wish to learn business Chinese phrases, etiquettes, culture, etc. This course is structured in 6 levels ranging from beginner to advanced level.

learn business Chinese

Level - 1

With little knowledge of Chinese language and find it difficult to answer very simple questioins in Chinese.

Learn Chinese pronunciation, simple mandarin expressions such as business greetings, introductions, etc.

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Level - 2

Able to communicate in mandarin during easy business meetings, activities, etc.

Learn business Chinese vocabularies, expressions and deal with questions on familiar topics such as asking for a leave, making inquiries, etc.


Level - 3

Able to communicate in Chinese in an efficient way, greet clients and participate in company meetings.

Enhance the ability of using mandarin and learn to deal with circumstances such as attending company parties, booking tickets, etc.

business lessons

Level - 4

Able to speak mandarin without big difficulties and can conduct daily activities in mandarin freely.

Learn business Chinese terms and etiquettes in more complicated circumstances such as conference, payment, signing contracts, etc.

business Chinese

Level - 5

Able to communicate effectively and skillfully and can engage in a wider range of social activities.

Learn business vocabularies and expressions in intermediate-to-advanced level and learn more business culture in China.

business mandarin

Level - 6

Have a good mastery of language skills and can communicate freely in commercial negotiations.

Learn advanced Chinese and learn to conduct complex conversation tasks such as delivering speeches, making market reports, etc.

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