Chinese Lessons for Kids

Chinese lessons for kids use a progressive approach to develop your kidsĄŻ communication skills in Chinese reading, writing, listening and speaking. In the 1-on-1 kids mandarin classes, interesting pictures, games, stories and songs are adopted to arouse kids' interest in learning Chinese. A professional language assessment will be made to let your kids start from the most suitable level.

Mandarin Class for kids

Level - 1

For absolute beginners who have limited knowledge of Chinese language.

Learn basic knowledge of pinyin, Chinese numbers, strokes of Chinese characters and simple Chinese expressions such as greetings, telling names, talking about families, colors, animals.

learn Chinese for kids

Level - 2

For kids who have a preliminary ability in Chinese and can ask and answer questions in simple Chinese.

Learn basic mandarin for kids - pronunciation, basic Chinese characters and daily expressions such as hobbies, describing objects, making introduction and talking about daily activities.

Chinese lessons for kids

Level - 3

For kids who have a basic ability and can communicate in Chinese on familiar topics.

In this level of mandarin lessons for kids, you will enhance on pronunciation and learn more useful expressions including weather, food, time, days.

kids learning Chinese

Level - 4

For kids who can speak Chinese with relatively good pronunciation and can talk and share ideas on common topics.

Focus on listening and speaking skills and learn how to narrate short stories. Topics: four seasons, seeing doctors, making descriptions, etc.

kids mandarin class

Level - 5

For kids who can communicate in Chinese under different situations with great language flexibility.

Expand on vocabularies, phrases and grammar knowledge. Practice on Chinese writing, reading and speaking through popular news and topics.

Online Chinese for kids

Level - 6

For kids who have a good handle of mandarin Chinese and can exchange ideas under complicated situations.

Learn how to use Chinese authentically in a complete Chinese environment. Chinese idioms, proverbs and culture will be introduced.

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