Chinese teacher Camille

Xi'an, China


+2 years
Mandarin Chinese, English, Spanish, German
Responsible, Humorous
Bachelor, Xi'an International Studies University

你们好,我叫 Camille. I have achieved a master’s degree in TCFL and over 2 years’ experience in Chinese langage tutorial. Many say mandarin is such a hard language to learn, but I would say “Don’t get yourself sucked into this idea.” With commitment and daily practice it is certainly possible to successfully master it. Jia you!

According to learner’s specific needs and level, I design personal material and keep updating it based on my student's feedback. If you are interested in learning Chinese, come and join me!


How do you teach?

I always believe that it is important to learn languages such as mandarin Chinese with fun. Instead of giving too much pressure to my students, I help them learn Chinese through easy and relaxing topics.

What makes you different as a Chinese teacher?

I've learned quite a few foreign languages myself and I'm very experienced in "how" to master a language. I consider myself as both a teacher and a learner. I also have lots of patience with my students.

Student Feedback

My teacher Camille is very kind and helpful. I look forward to having more lessons with her in the future!

Blair, Australia

Excellent Lesson! I'm an intermediate student, so I like it that my teacher does our lessons mainly in Mandarin Chinese, but switched to English when explaining grammar or cultural things. Her English is pretty good.

Flex, Hong Kong

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