Chinese teacher Cara

Xi'an, China


+4 years
Mandarin Chinese, English, Japanese
Patient, Responsible, Careful
Bachelor, Xiangtan University

In 2011, I went to Thailand, where I taught Chinese at a high school. Since then I’ve taught Chinese for several years. I love my job as an online tutor because I can communicate with people from all over the world. For me, I think teaching Chinese is a fantastic journey.


How do you teach?

1. To master the pronounciation;
2. Practice the new words in sentences to make sure learners can use them correctly;
3. Show the structure of the grammars , practice them with sentences and in situations;
4. Role play the conversations.

What makes you different as a Chinese teacher?

My major is Teaching Chinese As a Foreign Language; I’m an experienced teacher and I have my own teaching style. I think a good teacher is to be a guide, who protects students’ interest and cultivate their self-learning skills.

Student Feedback

Cara is a charming person who is always friendly, positive, and a joy to interact with. She is very knowledgeable about all aspects of Chinese grammar and teaching, and exhibits a high degree of professionalism in her classes. She is always on time and has not missed any classes.

Patrick, USA

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