Chinese teacher Linda

Xi'an, China


+3.5 years
Mandarin Chinese, English
Positive, Enthusiastic, Fun
Bachelor, Shaanxi Normal University

Hello, this is Linda. I’m always passionate about teaching Chinese. At ICL, I teach both teens and adult students. I believe it is important to speak before one starts learning grammars or vocabularies. In my class, I encourage my students to speak even though they are sometimes afraid to make mistakes. Hope to see you in my class!


How do you teach?

Practice makes perfect! In my class, I encourage my students to speak as much Chinese as they can. I also use many real-life sentence examples to help them learn new words and phrases.

What makes you different as a Chinese teacher?

Profession and experience are my advantages. I am also good at using different teaching styles to help my students learn Chinese in their most preferred and suitable ways.

Student Feedback

I don’t always have time to do my written homework because I have 2 jobs and I am learning another language as well but the fact that Linda is a great teacher helps me to improve a lot. I am not afraid to speak more and more.

Delphine, France


Kristina Mataruga, Bosnia-Herzegovina

She prepares for each class very well and I can always learn a lot from her class. I really appreciate what she has done to me as a teacher.

Stas, Ukraine

She encouraged me a lot in learning mandarin. Besides, she is very patient and intelligent. I can’t wait to have my Chinese lessons with her!

April, United States

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