Chinese teacher Shadow

Xi'an, China


+5 years
Mandarin Chinese, English, French
Easygoing, Passionate, Committed
Master, Beijing Normal University

Hi, I'm Shadow. I have a bachelor’s degree in TCFL. Leaning Chinese is in fact not as difficult as many thought. As a Chinese teacher, I encourage you to put in the time and enjoy yourself in learning mandarin. I believe everyone can speak mandarin as well as me!


How do you teach?

I do warm-up communications with my students before the lesson so that students can feel at ease. I am also an organized person, so I am good at leading my classes smoothly.

What makes you different as a Chinese teacher?

My rich experience enables me to know my students’ needs and style. After that, I can adapt to their pace and use different techniques to teach my students of different ages and levels.

Student Feedback

Shadow是我的老师,我觉得她教我教得很好。虽然学习很难,但是我很享受学习的过程。 我知道,还有很多我需要学习的东西,我有信心把中文学好!

Adir, Italy

Shadow is a highly recommended teacher. Sometimes we had trouble with the internet, but she was very professional while I struggled to get a connection.

Matthew, USA

She was very friendly and patient throughout my learning with her. I especially like it that my teacher designs study plans for me from time to time, which is great!

Valeriy, Ukraine

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