Terms and Conditions

By enrolling in our online programs, participants agree to the following terms and conditions:


Your package is non-transferable and may not be sold or bartered. Sessions are charged on attendance basis within the valid date. If you fail to complete your sessions before the valid date, the remaining part will not be available for you, and no refund will be made to you. Each session is 50 minutes long.


If you can't attend a booked session, you can either cancel it or reschedule it to another time. A session must be canceled at least 2 hours before the starting time. You will miss the session that is not canceled 2 hours in advance.


If you are late for a session for 30 minutes or longer, your teacher will leave the class. 1 session will be deducted from your course plan, as if the session had been used. The class time will not be extended due to the fact that one is late.

iChineseLearning reserves the right to change, amend or modify these TERMS & CONDITIONS at any time without notice to you.