Learn Chinese Grammar

Grammar is important for learning Chinese, because it helps us speak and write Chinese in the correct way. Without grammar, little can be conveyed. We do our best to explain Chinese grammars to you in the most understandable and simple way. Learn Chinese grammar with the Grammar Series and master Chinese as a piece of cake.

hsk vocabulary list

HSK Vocabulary List (Level 1 - 6)

Learn HSK vocabularies from level 1 to level 6 and do a mini-test after learning.

Chinese Grammar 把

Chinese Grammar - Adjectives

Adjective is a big part in learning Chinese grammar. The most commonly-seen function of Chinese adjectives is to modify nouns.

Chinese Grammar 把

Chinese Grammar 把

Learn how to use 把 in Chinese and how to change a common Chinese sentence to a 把 sentence.

Chinese Measure Words

Measure Words in Chinese

In Chinese, we use measure words to count nouns. If you want to speak Chinese well, be sure to use these measure words correctly!

Chinese Grammar Vocabulary

Chinese Grammar - Vocabulary

Without words, nothing can be conveyed. Take time to know the categories of Chinese words and pave the way to your Chinese learning!

Chinese Grammar Phrases

Chinese Grammar - Phrases

A good mastery of Chinese phrases will help you in both spoken and written Chinese. Check out the basic Chinese phrase types in grammar.

Sentence Components

Chinese Grammar - Sentence Components

Do you know what a Chinese sentence is composed of? Learn the basic components that help build a Chinese sentence.

Sentence Structure

Chinese Grammar - Sentence Structure

Learn how to speak Chinese with native thinking! In this episode, you will learn the basic Chinese sentence structures and word orders.

Compound Sentences

Chinese Grammar - Compound Sentences

Why are Chinese people able to speak more complex Chinese? The secret is the compound sentences!

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